About Us

Fair Debt Collections Agency was incorporated over the pass seven years by a group of professionals who had been in the business of debt collections for many years prior.

The necessity of such a company on the Jamaican business landscape became far more glaring after the melt down of the Financial Sector in the mid to late 90’s, and these professionals seized the opportunity to assist to stabilzation process through effecticve debt recovery.

We have worked for and have experience in collecting a lot of those debts that were thought to be “uncollectable”, and have a very good track record of it.

Currently, we collect on behalf of a lot of financial institutions including major banks and credit unions.

Our Company

By providing the most comprehensive and cost-effective strategies for debt recovery and accounts management.

Our time-tested experience as a premiere Jamaican commercial collection agency means that we understand the variety of custom services required to achieve full recovery for your business. We are prepared to offer guaranteed results when dealing with commercial business to business accounts and determining the best strategies for increasing profits and reducing write-offs.

Fair Debt Collection Agency is also a full-service consumer collection agency with expertise in recovering individual delinquent accounts and managing accounts receivable. We realize that debt recovery is not an isolated one step process, which is why we assist our clients in implementing a recovery method designed to successfully manage accounts over a long term period.

Choose Fair Debt Collections Agency as your commercial or consumer collection agency and experience the benefits of cash flow recovery and management from a Jamaican collection agency with experience and guaranteed results you can trust. We encompass twenty plus years of debt collections in the Jamaican economical landscape and has come to be known as one of the best in the business.

Fair Debt is a professional commercial collections agency in Jamaica, specializing in both business and consumer delinquent accounts. Our goal is to assist our clients to maximize their profits 


Marvin Lawrence, Managing Director of Fair Debt Collections Processes Limited attributes the company’s successes to his style of leadership and management. An avid family man and a firm believer in continuous growth through education with a Master’s Degree in Business Management, and a distinct feel for direction, will be no doubt steering FDCP Limited to world class standards in years to come.

Marvin Lawrence (M.B.A)